Meet Tracy, the busty girl living next door2014-Sep-19
new opponent

If Tracy lived in your neighbourhood you probably wouldn't notice her initially. But every morning you'd see her crossing the street,
waving her bosom, shaking her round butt your growing need to meet her closer would turn into an obsession eventually.
Her seductive glance, big and natural breasts, feminine shapes and, last but not least, cute smile are perfect currency to be used in a strip poker game.

Feel free to visit Tracys galery and to play with this understated sexbomb!

Have lots of fun with Tracy!

Perfectly shaped MILF Sarah joins the game2014-Sep-05
new opponent

From now on you have the opportunity to test your skills playing strip poker with another sexy opponent. This time, please meet seducing and hot MILF Sarah. A divine body and everlasting smile makes Sarah an extremely attractive opponent. 

You are welcome to visit Sarah's images gallery where you can find her sexy pics. Then you can start playing an unforgettable game with her within several minutes.

Sarah will start the game with $500 instead of $400 to make the gameplay a bit more challenging.

Have fun!

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